SCARLET: Who are you/What is your job title /Where are you from/When did you start here at Complete?

MM: I'm Mary, London consultant for Willow & Clay and freelance writer / stylist. I started at Complete in January this year after a trip to LA in December when I discovered that it actually rains in Cali. The sunshine I did bring home to the UK has just come out of its suitcase ... better late than never!

SCARLET: Was your day, (a) making a fist. (b) long time no see, (c) embraced ?

MM: Gotta say (b). I'm a big fan of deja vus ... good omen without question.
SCARLET: What is an odd neurosis that emerges before you go on a journey?

MM: I always worry that I have run out of perfume samples ahead of a flight. This can be dangerous: a) I have been known to OD on perfume in the departure lounge in compensation which doesn't go down well with my long haul neighbours, OR b) I have to resort to old perfume samples which leads me down memory lane.
SCARLET: Some Dream of a long summer while you are dreaming of a/an?

MM: I dream of driving a car ... I appreciate this may make odd reading for US readers but I've never gotten round to taking my test. My excuse is public transport in London / traffic in London / enjoying being driven too much... 
SCARLET: What is the one piece of Willow & Clay that you can’t live with out?

MM: My ombre fur coat. Statement outerwear at its best. A showstopper. A trafficstopper. A conversation stopper!