RILEY:Who/What/Where/When are you?

M.A.R.:Marissa A. Ross/writer, performer, poolside drinker, clothes wearer, finer things lover, assistant to Mindy Kaling/living in Echo Park/ modeled for Willow & Clay's Fall 13 lineup this year

RILEY:Was your day. (a) out of order, (b) sautéed, (c) a brother? And why?

M.A.R.:Totally out of order. Some work emergencies popped up and I didn't get to work out or write. I'm not super schedule oriented but I do have a bit of a schedule, and when that schedule gets messed up, I feel messed up for days after.

RILEY:Are you great company?

M.A.R.:I'm the best company (I write this alone in my bed with my two dogs who seem to like me a lot).

RILEY:You want to learn how to what?

M.A.R.:I would love to learn how to play tennis. I played-- okay, a bit of an exaggeration, more like I ran around on the court swinging my racket everywhere very unprofessionally-- as a kid, but I'd love to have that be my future adult past time. It's social, active, and lends itself to cute fashion and white wine lunches at the country club pool.

RILEY:What’s your favorite piece of Willow and Clay that you own?

M.A.R.:I love my bright orange blazer. I pair it with a lot of white, and get so many compliments on it when I go out. And one time Bob Saget told me he was glad I was wearing it so he could "find me in an emergency", which was nice of him since I had just met him.